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What is Social Media ? Let’s Know full information about it.

 What is Social Media? At some point you must have got this question and you must have tried to know what social media is because after all we are getting news that someone’s video or picture is viral on social media or we can hear that a big celebrity has said something on social media. By the way, every smartphone user is connected to social media and today we are going to tell you about this topic.

If I say that the existence of social media is due to the Internet because social media runs from the Internet itself, it would not be wrong. Some such world famous websites on the internet which together have made us aware about social media. These include the names of many social websites like Facebook, Twitter, Whats App, YouTube, Instagram, Snap chat. All these websites together make social media in the era of internet. Today, social media has become such a tool where even the common man can put his heart in front of the world and for this he does not have to work hard.

Social media has made many people an overnight star, yes in social media it does not take time for someone’s picture or video to go viral. At the same time, social media has kept the skills of some people in front of the world and now people have started earning money from social media too, yes there is one such social website YouTube in which crores of people are earning crores of rupees. Made for dating, but this website was bought by google, after which the process of earning money started, which continues till now.

Talking about another social website Facebook, you can make thousands of friends sitting in your house, at this time, Facebook is the number 1 website on social media. That is, the users who use it the most. However, when talking about a celebrity, their favorite social website is Twitter, on which you get the name of almost every celebrity, in this website all the big celebrities or common people put their point before the world.

Advantages and disadvantages of social media

The biggest advantage of social media is that we can put our words in front of the world without any smile.

On social media, you can make thousands of friends sitting at home, although such friends can never be trusted.

We can reach our business to millions of people through social media.

Talking about employment, social media has given employment to crores of people.

The biggest addiction of social media is its addiction, yes people are active on social media day and night, due to which they are also facing many problems.

If you use social media, then you have lost your privacy because you keep uploading your photos or videos on social media, they can also be misused.

By uploading a private photo of someone on social media, it can also be dishonored, although the culprit who does so is also caught, but this causes someone to lose respect. This is the biggest misuse of social media.

After reading this article you will now know what is social media or what is social media. It is also acting like a media because you get all kinds of news in it. Social media has remained an important part of everyone’s daily life from common people to big figures. In this, you can earn crores of rupees by making thousands of friends, that is, social media has given employment to many people.

If you also want to earn money through this, then you can take support of social website YouTube, in which you have to make videos and upload them.

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