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What is Google Search Console.. Learn it ..

Traffic is the very important for a website or blog. You will get traffic from the search engine only when you have a post index. Once the post index is there, you start getting traffic from the search engine for that.

It is very important to make blog SEO friendly, if you want to know, your post is indexed or not ? Google Search Console tool will help you. It is a free service tool provided by google, we also call it google webmaster tool.

What is Google Search Console ?

Google Search

Console is a free tool provided by Google. By using this tool you can check, if your web page or post has been indexed in google or not. If not indexed then you may request to index through this tool.

how to add blog to google search console

1. Login to Google Webmaster Tool

First of all, you have to log into google webmaster tool, you can only use the Gmail id to log in, you can also directly click here

After logging the add property, you have to click on add property and add the url of your website or blog, after that you have to click on add and add the url.

2. Verify blog or website

Now you have to verify your blog or site, without verifying you can not add your site in webmaster tool, you have to select any one way to verify the site.

So, I hope you have understood why Google Search Console is important. Friends if you find any difficulty in adding your site to Google Search Console, then comment or write to us. Friends if you like the post then please do share it with friends.

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