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Top 10 Earning Website of the World

 Do you know what is the world’s Top 10 website ? Today we are going to tell you about it. If you are an internet user, then you will also know how much Internet is currently being used.

For your information, let me tell you that the first website in the world was created about 3 decades ago. The credit goes to the British engineer and scientist Berners Lee. He revolutionized the domain of the website by creating the first website. Even though it was a common site, it was nothing short of an invention at that time.

At present, so many websites have been created in the internet that you will get all kinds of information from them. Now the number of websites in the Internet is in crores. Without which the internet cannot be imagined.

Whenever you search for a word in Google. In his answer, you will get not one or two but millions of results and these results are definitely connected to some other website. In such a situation, we can say that these websites have taken the Internet to a new height.

Despite the number of sites in crores, there are some such websites. Which is the most used in the world means the number of users who use them is in millions of crores.

Here in this post, we are going to tell you about such most used website. The list below is taken from Alexa, this company issues the rank of the website according to the user, so let’s know.


There is hardly any smartphone user in the world who will not know about Today, when we need information about a good or bad thing, we first go to Google and search.

Let me tell you that Google is a search engine website. In which millions of people around the world visit every day, Google is also the most searched word because it is a search engine in which you can find information by searching about anything.


This is the world’s largest video search engine, in which you will find videos of every topic. Let me tell you that Youtube is a part of Google, meaning that Google had bought the YouTube site from its creator.

The YouTube site pays its creators the money to make videos. In such a situation, the number of its creators is increasing, due to which we are getting to see videos on every topic.


Launched in April 2008, the site is China’s largest brands and retail platform. Since China’s population is the highest in the world, there are many users using this site.

This website provides top brand goods for China’s logo. Due to the increasing number of its users, it has joined the top site of the world, this site is also connected to the Alibaba group.


If you live in China, then you will find a search engine in your language and your own. Baidu is a search engine website just like Google. Which is most commonly used in China.

This provides the results of the search in a much simpler language for China’s people. Almost all the smartphone users of China know about this site.

The QQ website is the most used portal in China. It provides online service for the people of China. The site was created in November 1998 by the Tencent company. The purpose of making this site is to provide one stop online life service.


Another Chinese website named is among the world’s top sites. It is the fastest growing internet website. Which provides advertisements, a search engine, multiplayer gaming and other services to its users. This company was formed on August 1996.


Facebook is the best medium to talk to people abroad. In which you can not only make your friends friends, but people of foreign countries can also make friends.

Facebook comes first in the social media website. It is included in the top website not only in the world but also in India.

8. is also a Chinese website. It facilitates online shopping for Chinese people. This site was launched in the year 2003, you will get to see more than 100 million products and services in this site. This website is also associated with Alibaba Group.


Whenever you search in Google about a company or a person, you will definitely see the name of Wikipedia in the result. This is a website that provides information for internet users for free. If you are an internet user then you must know about Wikipedia. The site was launched on 15 January 2001.


Yahoo is a search engine just like Google, in which you can find information by searching about anything. If we talk about the world’s most famous search engine, then Yahoo comes after Google.

This search engine was launched on March 2, 1995, Yahoo used to be a big name in the early days of the Internet, but after the arrival of Google, it has got a tough challenge.

So now you must have known about what is the world’s largest website, after reading the list above.

Now many people will have a question that when the social media site is on Facebook top. So why not include the name of WhatsApp and Instagram because it is also the most popular in the world.

Let me tell you that social media apps like WhatsApp and Instagram are used more, but their website user number is very less compared to the top sites of this list.

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