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Best use of Pinterest to Drive Traffic on Your Website

 Best Use of Pinterest to Drive Traffic on Website Pinterest is a great social media platform. Using Pinterest to drive traffic or visitor on your site could result you in positive way. But many people do not know, how to use Pinterest wisely to drive visitor.

A pin or post on Pinterest is 100 times more valuable and spreadable compared to your average post or tweet. As you know, life span of a pin is one week, as compared to other social media plateform.

Here I am describing you some good practice that will help you in boosting your web traffic

#1. Sign up as a Business Account

To make the most use of Pinterest sign up on Pinterest as a business account, you may also convert you existing account in to business account. After sing up on Pinterest verify you website.

Now Pinterest will give you access to Pinterest Analytics, with the help of Pinterest Analytics you can analyse you Pin’s behavior. You can sign up for Rich Pins as well to get more info about your Pins.

#2. Post or Pin Everyday.

After sign up pinterest, you must post on Pinterest everyday. As study shows, People posting to Pinterest everyday get high traffic as compared to people who post on weekly or monthly basis.

Posting everyday will connect you to more visitors and even Pinterest will boost your post. It is the best and easy way to get high traffic on any social media. Social media notice the daily posts and users as well. Hence to drive more traffic post 3 post a day or at least one post per day.

#3. Write Good Description

Write good and catchy description. Your description will tell your readers about your website or product info. Hence good description will attract more readers as compared to average description.

To get more visitor on your Post or Pin, you must write short description, write interesting description and finish your Pin’s description in one sentence or two. People always like to read short description. Hence you can attract more visitors if your Pin’s description is short and easy to read.

#4 .Publish your Pin at Right Time

Publishing your Pin at right time is also useful to attract more visitors on your Post or Pin. The best time to post your pin is Saturday Morning, as per the data analyses. As you know, when more Users are on Pinterest then it is the chance your pin get viewed.

This is just the game of numbers. Thousands of pins are posted on Pinterest everyday. But most pin are viewed on Saturday as numbers of users are more on Saturday.

#5. Choose Good Images

Always use best and alluring images. Attractive images does matter on social media. Appealing and attractive images catch the attention of visitors and result in driving traffic to your website.

Always use right size image that fits on Pinterest. Always optimized the image before posting on Pinterest. You may add some text and logo in your image as it is the best way to tell your vistior about brand and product.

#6. Join Pinterest Board Group

If you want your post to appear to more users, then join Pinterest Board Group. This will make your post appear to the groups and will drive traffic to your post. You can also create your own group and ask people to join your group.

Joining groups will help you to get good amount of your followers. When you have good followers then chances to get more traffic or more visitor on your post will be high. If your followers will find your post interested they will reach to you or your website.

Finishing Line –

As you know that Pinterest is best and fast growing social media plateform. Everyday more and more users are joining this network. So make good use of this plateform to generate good and high traffic on your website.

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