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What is Digital Marketing ?

 So guys, if you want to learn Digital Marketing, then you must know what is Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing Training

So as the words describe best “Digital Marketing”,

Digital: – means doing something by digitally, by digital media, by digital source or doing something by digital platforms is called Digital.

Marketing : – As the word describe, marketing, it means doing marketing of something like promoting any company website or product. So combination of both the words is called as Digital Marketing.

Definition of Digital Marketing: –

In clear words, Digital Marketing is the use of social media, mobile device, internet and use of other platforms that help us to reach a customers.

In other words: Digital Marketing is doing advertising by using all the channels of internet, like social media, website, email, search engines.

So friends, you have got to know the definition of Digital Marketing. Digital Marketing has many parts or we can say it has many types.

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