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Learn Google Analytics and Use of Google Analytics

 Google Analytics is very important part of website. When you publish article or product on your blog or website, then you have a desire to know whether visitors are visiting it or not. If users are visiting, then what topics or articles of the product they are liking more, how long they are staying on your blog or website. Google Analytics helps us go get information related to visitors.

We can get all these information through Google Analytics tool. But for this, we have to understand this tool first, what is it? And how to install it? And what can it do? So let’s know about it.

Learn What is Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a tool that collects data and converts it into useful reports. That is, it is a type of tracking system that tells where the traffic on your website or blog is coming from, which post people are searching more and liking and we get all the information related to the visitor through this tool.

With the help of this tool, we can also know other things like – traffic is coming from which city or country, at which post, how much traffic came in which month, how long is the visitor visiting, what post is the visitor visiting your post. You can also get information about this by looking at mobile, tablet or laptop.

Why Google Analytic is important

Google Analytics is important because when we create a blog or website, we think of making money online through it. But this can happen only when we are aware of how much people are liking the information given by us and how long the visitors are staying on the site. Because when we are aware of this, then we will put the topic as per the choice of the people. With which traffic will come on our blog or website and our earning will increase.

How to make Google Analytics Account..

It is very easy to create an account of Google Analytics, for this we have to follow some steps which are as follows –

  • Open the official website of Google Analytics.
  • After that sign in with google account.
  • Now you have to signup with your email id.
  • After signup a web page will open, fill all the information given in it.
  • After filling all the information, click on the get tracking id.
  • Now consider all the conditions of Google Analytics and click on I Accept.
  • After this you will get analytics code.
  • Now copy this code and paste it into your website header.
  • In this way your Google Analytics account will be created.

Benefits of Google Analytics

With the help of Google Analytics, you can easily get data any time. For this, all you have to do is go into the data range and set how long you need the data.

We can see the average of all the pages a user opens in a session.

We may see the time of the users as he stops on your site.

In this, you can see the percentage of completely new sessions happening on the site.

With its help, you can get the analytical data of the visitor.

Through the acquisition report present in it, you can see where the traffic is coming from.

From the behavior report present in this tool, we can see what visitors like the most on your website and what not?

It is a tool of google and it is free to use.

In this, we can change the major details of the website through the administrator report.

With the help of Google Analytics, we can see the graph of pages views, number of users, session etc.

So Friends, now I hope you have understood what is google analytics and how to use it. If you have any query please post it in comment. Friends if you like this post then please do share it with friends.

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