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Have You Ever Seen Zero Rupees Notes in India


Have you ever seen Zero Rupees Notes ?. Do you know when and for what use ‘Zero Rupee Notes’ were printed in India? We Know that your answer is no, but we will tell you that once Zero Rupees Notes were Printed, Know full details below.

Zero Rupees Notes in India

In response to this, firstly let us clear you that till date RBI has not printed ‘Zero Rupee’ notes. Now the question arises that if RBI did not print, then who did this work?

Actually, ‘Zero Rupee’ notes in India were printed by some non profit organization (NGO) of South India. The real motive behind this was to oppose corruption and black money and to make people aware of it.

Full Details of Zero Rupees Note

In fact, Tamil Nadu-based institution called 5th Pillar first initiated it in the year 2007. During this period, this NGO printed millions of notes of ‘Zero Rupees’. These notes were printed in four languages ​​Hindi, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam languages. On these notes it was written, ‘If anyone asks for a bribe, give it to this note and let us know the matter!’

The real motto of the institution behind printing ‘Zero Rupees’ notes was to create a ‘Zero Corruption’ in the country. During this time, the institution distributed 25 lakh more notes only in Tamil Nadu to raise awareness about bribery and remind the public of their rights and alternative solutions.

This institution has been working to spread awareness among people about corruption in more than 1200 schools, colleges and public institutions in South India for the last 5 years. During this time, the institution also made a zero rupee note banner with 30 feet long and 15 feet high. Which was signed by more than 5 lakh people.

During this time, this NGO also claimed that, due to these notes, the total corruption was reduced by 5%.

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